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Ball Froggo

Ball Froggo

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Small charming crocheted frog, a delightful stuffed animal that's perfect for snuggling and playing. This little guy is handmade from high-quality chenille yarn, which gives him a wonderfully soft and fuzzy texture that's sure to be loved by kids and adults alike.

With his big eyes, round body, and cute little feet, this crocheted frog has an adorable and endearing look that will capture your heart. He's small enough to fit comfortably in your hand, making him a great companion for on-the-go adventures or quiet moments at home.

This crocheted frog is lovingly crafted by me, with attention to detail in every stitch. The chenille yarn used in his construction is not only soft and cozy but also durable enough to withstand lots of playtime and cuddles.

This crocheted frog is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cute and cuddly creatures. Whether you're looking for a gift for a child, a frog enthusiast, or simply someone who needs a little extra love and comfort in their life, our crocheted frog is sure to be cherished for years to come.

So why wait? Add this adorable crocheted frog to your collection today and experience the joy of snuggling up with a soft and cuddly friend!

You can choose another colour if you want by adding it to the "order special instructions" in the cart, or I will just send green! 


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